Shawano Pharmacy

The eight First Nations that make up SERDC are equal shareholders in Shawano Pharmacy. The pharmacy rewards each First Nation for its annual expenditure at the pharmacy by providing a yearly rebate proportional to the expenditure amount.


Southeast Collegiate

Southeast Collegiate was established as a private high school (grades 10-12) in 1995/96 by SERDC. Southeast Collegiate is the only school of its kind in all of Canada serving as a campus for First Nation students. It provides a culturally appropriate and sensitive environment in which First Nation youth can get their education.


Southeast Personal Care Home

The Southeast Personal Care Home is an 80-bed accredited facility that is owned and operated by the eight SERDC First Nation communities. The Southeast Personal Care Home opened in June 2011 as a place to care for Elders of the communities. A partnership with Southeast Collegiate next door brings in Indigenous students to spend time with the elders.


South Beach Casino and Resort

Seven of the eight SERDC First Nations are the limited partners of South Beach Casino and Resort, located on highway 59 in Brokenhead Ojibway Nation.


Shawano Wapunong Investments Corp. (SWIC)

SWIC was incorporated as a private corporation under the Corporations Act of Manitoba and began operations in October 1982. The company is owned and operated equally by the eight First Nations of SERDC. It is dedicated exclusively to the economic development of its shareholders.

SWIC provides direct and indirect financial benefits such as cash returns to SERDC First Nations and Capital Loans and Loan Guarantees.


Shawano Consulting Ltd.

Shawano Consulting Services Ltd. was formed in 2003 to assist and support First Nations in managing capital projects in their communities. Shawano Consulting is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SWIC.

The operational and management strategy is driven by basic principles; respect for clients and working in partnership towards a common goal. The company works together with the client to identify opportunities and maximize benefits for the community. Shawano offers services in the following areas

  • Capital building projects
  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • CMHC program consulting
  • Contract administration


Southeast Community Futures Development Corp. (SCFDC)

Incorporated in 1985 and originally funded through Human Resource Development Canada, the SECFC is now funded through Prairies Economic Development Canada.

SCFDC represents all eight SERDC First Nations as well as Buffalo Point First Nation. SERDC's Economic Development Program Director oversees the day-to-day management of the SCFDC program.


Southeast Child and Family Services (CFS)

Southeast Child and Family Services serve the eight SERDC First Nations. The Agency is provincially and federally funded, based on a 60/40 split, and is mandated under Manitoba's The Child and Family Services Act.


Shawenim Abinoojii Inc.

Shawenim Abinoojii provides support worker services to Southeast CFS, and exclusive, specialized home placement options (on and off-reserve) to SERDC members.


Tribal Councils Investment Group of Manitoba Ltd. (TCIG)

TCIG was formed in 1990 by the seven Tribal Councils of Manitoba. SERDC is one of those Tribal Councils and holds a seat on their board.


Nor-Win Construction Co. Ltd.

Nor-Win Construction builds and maintains the winter roads that serve First Nations communities along the east side of Lake Winnipeg. The company is owned by nine First Nations, including five SERDC communities and four Island Lakes communities. Nor-Win is owned by:

  • Bloodvein
  • Berens River
  • Poplar River
  • Little Grand Rapids
  • Pauingassi
  • St. Theresa Point
  • Wasagamack
  • Garden Hill
  • Red Sucker Lake

View the winter road map here.


Spirit of Giving Inc.

Spirit of Giving Inc. is SERDC's charitable arm. Funds raised through our annual golf tournament go toward providing support for youth recreational activities in communities where opportunities are limited or non-existent.  Since its inception, the golf tournament has raised thousands of dollars for recreational activities in our member communities to help improve the lives of youth.