Shawano Consulting Services Ltd. was formed in 2003 to assist and support First Nations in managing capi­tal projects in their communities. Although Shawano Consulting is a relatively new company it has put together a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience managing First Na­tion capital projects. We believe in implementing projects so that the requirements of both the First Nation and the funding agency are met.
Our company specializes in managing major capital projects for First Nation communities. Shawano has a strong track record of providing quality project management services to clients. Projects are consistently delivered on time, within budget, meeting all quality standards, and assisting First Nation communities with community economic benefits associated with the capital projects.  Shawano Consulting Services Ltd. manages projects as a team and prides itself on achieving a high degree of client satisfaction.
The success of this management strategy is a result of our basic business principles:
  • respect for our clients;
  • work in partnership with our clients towards a common goal;
  • identify opportunities for our clients to benefit from the project, then working with our clients to maximize benefits for their community;
  • provide professional services that meet the needs of our clients;
    provide training and transferring skills to First Nation members.
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • CMHC Program Consulting
  • RRAP Assessments
  • Housing Inspections
  • Contract Administration 

Current projects in the works are:

  • Bloodvein Landfill Site
  • Bloodvein Water & Sewer Feasibility Study
  • Community Environmental Site Assessment Project, 7 First Nations in Manitoba
  • Fire Trucks
  • Little Grand Rapids Water Treatment Plant
  • Manitoba Fuel Tank Project, 21 First Nations in Manitoba
  • New School for Southeast College
  • New Schools:  Little Grand Rapids & Poplar River
  • Shamattawa Nursing Station
  • Shamattawa School
  • Soil Remediation in Little Grand Rapids


Project Management

  • Omiishosh Memorial School, Pauingassi First Nation, Project Value $12 million.
  • New Landfill, Pauingassi First Nation, Project Value $600,000
  • Nursing Residence, Pauingassi First Nation, Project Value $1 .4 million
  • Road Upgrade Project, Berens River First Nation, Design only value $300,000
  • Aboriginal 80 Bed Personal Care Home, Southeast Resource Development Council, Project Value $21 million
  • RCMP Detachments: Poplar River First Nation, Berens River First Nation, Bloodvein First Nation, Project Value $4.2 Million
  • Hollow Water FN 2008 - Water Treatment Plant, replace old piping and valves in water treatment plant.
  • Little Grand Rapids FN 2008/09 - Mainline Water and Sewer Repairs, rebuild sewage lift stations, add 120 manhole risers to prevent runoff seepage, heat trace and heated panels repaired and/or replaced and replaced generator at the plant.
  • Pauingassi FN 2008/09 - SBR Sewage Treatment Plant rebuild, replace filters and ozone at Water  Treatment Plant.
  • Berens River FN 2008 - Water Treatment Plant Repairs and construction of Child and Family Services Building.
  • Poplar River FN 2008 - Construction of Nursing Station, replace and rebuild fire pumps at Water Treatment Plant.
  • Bloodvein FN - Water and Sewer upgrades, Upgrade lift station at school site, PCL panel upgrade at Water Treatment Plant.

CMHC Sec 95 Housing Special and Regular Funding, Capital Housing Projects, AANDC projects; Applications and/or Project Administration

  • Berens River:  5 units 2013-14 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding, 4 unit 2009/10 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding
  • Black River:  2 units 2012/13 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding, 5 unit 2011-12 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding
  • Bloodvein:  3 units 2013-14 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding, 5 units 2011-12 CMHC Sec 95 Funding
  • Brokenhead:  3 units 2012-13 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding, 8 trailers 2012-13 CMHC Sec 95 Fire replacement for L-plex, 3 units 2012-13 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding, 2 units 2010-11 CMHC Special Funding
  • Hollow Water:  4 units 2010-11 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding, 4 unit 2008/09 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding
  • Little Grand Rapids:  5 units 2011-12 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding, 3 units 2011-12 CMHC Sec 10 Reg Funding, 6 units 2006/07 CMHC Special Funding
  • Pauingassi 3 units 2012-13 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding, 4 units 2008/09 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding
  • Poplar River 3 units 2013-14 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding, 3 units 2009-10 CMHC Sec 95 Reg Funding


Henry Hildebrand - Capital/Housing Construction Advisor
Henry holds a Masters Certificate in Project Management and is a Journeyman Carpenter.  He has extensive experience in the construction industry from drafting to managing a 15 man construction crew.

Arnold Mitchell — Construction Advisor
Arnold has over 15 years of experience in the building industry and has managed numerous projects in First Nation communities.  He has many roles is Section 95 Housing and RRAP programs from CMHC.

Todd Barker — Maintenance Advisor & Housing Inspector

Todd has over ten years in the maintenance industry and is a CMHC Section 95 and RRAP agent. His main role is to provide assistance and training for maintenance and daily operations of buildings and community sewer and water systems.

Sais Madansingh — Program Manager
Sais has extensive experience working with First Nation capital projects. Since he graduated from University of Manitoba in 1983, he has worked with Southeast Resource Development Council progressing from Economic Development Officer to Director of Operations. His main role with Shawano is to be responsible for the overall direction of the work on the project and be directly involved in the critical stages of the work such as funding negotiations.

Sidney Seymour P. Eng. – Project Manager

Sidney is a registered Professional Engineer licensed to practice in the Province of Manitoba and Alberta.  He has experience in project management, civil engineering and environmental engineering.  He has managed the design and construction for a wide variety of projects including schools, sewer and water projects, and residential construction.


Jennifer Cook - Project Manager

Destiny Seymour - Tech Support

Logan Moneyas - Project Assistant


team of skilled professionals with extensive experience managing First Nation capital projects”

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