2nd Floor -360 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0T6
Phone: (204) 956-7500
Fax: (204) 943-0374 or (204) 956-7382

For more information please go to the SERDC Health Website: http://health.serdc.mb.ca/


SERDC Health Staff

Pam Grenier, Director of Health
Melodie Dupuis - Executive Assistant - Health Services

Gloria Seymour, Administrative Assistant

Tim Beepath, Tribal Finance Clerk, 6th-Floor

Sheldon Bushie, Administrative Assistant, 3rd-Floor

Shavon Sinclair, Communications Officer

Joyce Clarke, Tribal NNADAP Coordinator

Candace Sutherland, Tribal Nursing Officer

Carol McCorrister,      Mental Wellness Coordinator

Louis Young, Mental Wellness Facilitator

Pam Big George, Mental Wellness Case Manager

Rose Lavallee, Home Community Care Coordinator

Suzie Bouchie, Home Community Care Nurse, Little Grand Rapids First Nation

Crystal Whiteway, Home Community Care Nurse, Little Grand Rapids First Nation

Elizabeth Proskurnik, Tribal Diabetes Coordinator

Corey Bighorn, Commercial Tobacco Reduction Coordinator

Amanda Williams-Thomas, Commercial Tobacco Reduction Worker

Marie Walker, Resolution Health Support Worker (Indian Residential School)

Vacant, Cultural Support Worker (Indian Residential School)

Shaun Miles, Environment Health Advisor

Mike Fontaine, Environmental Health Advisor

Dora Simmons, Jordan's Principle-CFI Coordinator

Michell Klippenstein, Jordans’ Principle Initiative Off Reserve Case Manager

Stephanie Thomas, Success Through Advocacy & Role Modeling (S.T.A.R) Program Manager

Ginger Whiteway, Berens River S.T.A.R Mentor

Vacant, Black River, Brokenhead & Hollow Water, S.T.A.R Mentor

Vanessa Mosktaywenene, Bloodvein, S.T.A.R Mentor

Vacant, Little Grand Rapids, S.T.A.R Mentor

Rachel Keeper, Pauingassi, S.T.A.R Mentor

Olivia Fontaine, Poplar River S.T.A.R Mentor

Vacant, Foot Care Coordinator

Christine McIvor, Foot Care Nurse, Hollow Water, Black River & Buffalo Point

Audrey Catellier, Foot Care Nurse, Poplar River

SERDC First Nation Health Director Listing


Berens River First Nation

Donna Everett, Health Director          

Phone: 204-382-2813

Fax: 204-382-2260                                         

Box 131

Berens River, Manitoba R0B 0A0

Bloodvein First Nation

Karen Cook, Health Director

Phone: 204-395-2551                                     

Fax: 204-395-2808                                         

General Delivery

Bloodvein, Manitoba R0C 0J0

Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

Aliesha Desjarlais, Health Director                       

Phone: 204-766-2740                         

Fax: 204-766-2634                                         

Box 180

Scanterbury, Manitoba R0E 1W0

Black River First Nation

Darlene Courchene, Health Director   

Phone: 204-367-8089

Fax: 204-367-4188

General Delivery

O’Hanley, Manitoba R0E 1K0

Hollow Water First Nation

Michelle Bushie, Health Director                  

Phone: 204-363-7364

Fax: 204-363-7201

Box 2567

Wanipigow, Manitoba R0E 2E0


Little Grand Rapids First Nation

Ernest Keeper, Health Director                     

Phone: 204-397-2264

Fax: 204-397-2340

Box 129

Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba R0B 0V0


Pauingassi First Nation                     

Nelli Crow, Health Director

Phone: 204-397-2166

Fax: 204-397-2990                             

New Dream Lodge Building

Box 60

Pauingassi, Manitoba R0B 2G0

Poplar River First Nation

Mary L. Bruce, Health Director                     

Phone: 204-244-2603                         

Fax: 204-244-2798                             

Box 60

Negginan, Manitoba R0B 0Z0

Southeast Resource Development Council Corp.
Head Office: Box 30 Scanterbury, Manitoba R0E 1W0
Winnipeg Office: 6th Floor - 360 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0T6