Bloodvein, Manitoba
R0C 0J0
Phone: (204) 395-2148
Fax: (204) 395-2099

Current Chief & Council:


  • Chief Derek Cook
  • Vice Chief Kelvin Raven
  • Councillor Ellen Young
  • Councillor Lorraine Cook
  • Councillor Stella Keller


210 kilometres north of Winnipeg on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg, directly north of the Bloodvein River. The community is situated along three kilometres of shoreline at the mouth of the river.

Band No: 267

Reserve: I.R. No.12

Area: 1625.2 Hectares  

Language: Anishinabe

Economic Base: Commercial fishing and trapping



  • On-reserve - 1,176
  • Off-reserve - 742
  • Total Population - 1,918 (effective December 31, 2019 as per ISC)


There is a 3,000 foot gravel airstrip maintained in the community. A ferry/ barge service (39 passenger vehicle) is operated by the Marine Division of the Department of Highways. The ferry/ barge is used during the summer months.


Commercial Businesses and/or Services:

  • Bloodvein Band Office
  • Miskooseepi School (Nursery to Grade 9)
  • Child & Family Services
  • Health Centre
  • Bloodvein Arena
  • RCMP Detachment
  • Bloodvein River Lodge
  • Turtle's CafĂ©
  • Anishinabe Coffee Shop
  • Frank & Son Grocery Store/Video Rentals
  • Mikisi Towing, Gas Bar & Convenience Store
  • Keller & Son's Grocery Store

Bloodvein First Nation Band Office

Bloodvein band office 100

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Bloodvein Raft
Bloodvein River



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